ServerInfo / Rules terms

Job cheating will result in a 3 days ban along with coins removal (1st) and the second try will get your banned perma.

2. Scamming is not allowed, once spotted. You'll receive a permanent ban. (This cannot be revoked!)

3. Advertising is not allowed - (Perma Ban)

4. Insulting Team Members (Game Masters, Supporters, Police, Economist) will lead to temporary ban

5. Cheating or abusing bugs is strictly not allowed! If you was spotted, you'll be banned instantly and your IP/HWID will be banned.

6. Impersonating/Name faking is forbidden (Perma ban)

7. Cheating in Events is strictly forbidden, if you has been sighted or reported, you'll be banned perma (This cannot be revoked!)

8. Selling Gold/Silk/Items/Account for real money will result in instant ban(This cannot be revoked!) 9- boting or afk in any unique spawn u will get ban 3days